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Gallery: Beginnings
 A litter puppy (Feb 2013) "Aurelius Maximus vom Schonwasser" above at 9 weeks, below at 14 weeks. So, guess whose mommy is a photographer?  Yup.  See Camo's page for Maximus at 8 months.  THANK YOU, BRIE!

           "A" litter puppy "Ami vom Schonwasser" at 7 weeks of age (above) and 5 weeks of age (below). This amazing puppy is now in training to become a PTSD Service Dog, working toward passing her National Access Test. We couldn't be more proud of her!




 Buddy Vom Freibele ("Rommel") was shown at the 2003 North America Sieger Show (Nov 2009) before SV Judge & Kormeister Herr Erich Orschler where he received VP, surpassing pups from some major kennels. Rommel's sire was Indo vom Geesthugel; his dam was Paldie vom Kirschental. This was my first exposure to the fine dogs produced under that name.
  My original plan was to train Rommel in Schutzhund, but he was injured and underwent surgery to receive an ocular implant  (lens) in his left eye at the age of 15 months. The chances that his eye could be struck, costing him his vision, were too great, so he was trained for basic obedience . An unexpected move to Florida cut short any plans to train or compete in other dog sports.

A beloved and treasured companion who loved more than anything to run on the beach, swim in the ocean, chase a ball by the bay, run by my bike or walk downtown, catching ice cubes tossed in the air to him, Rommel was extremely sociable,  and adored people of all ages. His color, markings, coat, and carriage made him a total traffic-stopper.  He is missed more than words can say.

Gone from our home but always in our hearts. 
"Rommel" 12/7/2002-2/25/2011 

"Meika von der Zenteiche"....

"Meika" (our first German import) 
came to us in 2008 from Selten Ruhe Kennels 
 Meika underwent an emergency c-section/spay in July 2009.  She did not contribute any progeny to Schonwasser Shepherds. She is currently a beloved family member and therapy dog to two autistic children. She remains a credit to her breeding. 
  In the hills of Tennessee, Thanksgiving 2012 with Isabella. One of my favorite pictures. Photo credit: Abigail Rodgers


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