We did it! Celebrating with George Felt, President of Gulf Coast Search & Recovery, K-9, Inc after three "finds" in under 17 minutes.  Isabella re-certified with NOCSAR in the spring of 2014.   
 (photo credit Kerrin Kosterlic, March 2013)

SEARCH & RESCUE:  Isabella earned her SEARCH & RESCUE certification by training with Gulf Coast Search and Recovery (GCSAR) in Pensacola, Florida. Our goal next goal is that she become a nationally certified Human Remains Detection dog. She is moving through her training briskly thanks to her quick intellect and her vast capacity to work and her desire to please.  She is a joy to work with!
Isabella vom See Stadt (front) with Annalise vom Schonwasser on the beach (Oct 2013). Anna is a nationally certified PTSD-Service dog (from our A litter, Fannie x Camo). 
                                                                                Near the "beautiful waters" of the Gulf of Mexico, 
discover hidden treasure


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Isabella von See Stadt

Isabella vom See Stadt

Isabella is the offspring of two German imports, both from the world-famous Kirschental Kennels of Germany. Both parents were owned and trained at See Stadt Kennels in Lake City, Florida.

Dam: Foxie vom Kirschental


Sire: Fritz vom Haus Kirschental   Fritz is the full brother/littermate of our female Fannie so Isabella is Fannie's niece!  Here is Fritz's pedigree:


We brought Isabella home as a 9 week old puppy--she could already "come," "sit," and fetch a ball. Imagine this tiny puppy carrying a tennis ball nearly as big as her own head. She is the most clever puppy we have ever owned, and very sweet.

Her semi-plush "stock" coat is a puzzle to people--folks wonder if she is a "Belgian shepherd".  We think she is simply stunning and are amazed at how little she sheds (compared to the traditional shepherd coat). 

Isabella is the princess at our house and her November 2013 litter is our "C" litter.   Isabella's daughters are our female, Corbin vom Schonwasser, and her sister Catlyn vom Schonwasser (owned/trained at the See Stadt Kennel in Lake City, Florida)

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