Near the "beautiful waters" of the Gulf of Mexico, 
discover hidden treasure


      Schonwasser Shepherds                                 (850) 478-3725
                                                                                                                      German Shepherds from West German Imports & Offspring                                        
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Isabella, Annalise, Maximus, and Camo

The goal of Schonwasser Shepherds is 
to produce top quality puppies every year
following the tradition of the German   
Shepherds produced for generations in 
West Germany, where their motto is still  
"Utility and Intelligence."  
  And, might we add, beauty?

The quality and inherent value of our dogs’ German pedigrees is without question. And one look at our dogs tells you just about all you need to know!  If you tell us our dogs are beautiful, we won't disagree. But make no mistake: we are not a big kennel.  We are not in the "dog" business.

Our dogs have:  
        ...excellent health
        ...normal size, not "super-sized" hip or elbow problems 
        ...high intelligence
        ...superb temperment.
They are raised in our home with love. They go with us to the store, the beach, the park, or downtown whenever we can take them along. 

Our puppies are well-socialized and suitable for multiple purposes: companions
....Service dogs for PTSD and other needs
        ....Search and Rescue (SAR)
.....Schutzhund training and competition
.....Obedience, Rally, Agility competition
        .... or for show. The Black & Red combination is "splashy".

Welcome to Schonwasser have discovered "Hidden Treasure"! 
Contact Schonwasser Shepherds by phone 
(850) 478-3725 or by email


           Some say the beauty of the Florida Panhandle is one of America’s best kept secrets, an area of undiscovered treasure. Here you will discover hidden treasure that comes from our hearts and our home:  Schonwasser Shepherds.

     Our puppies made available to selected families and individuals may be better than many of the puppies you'll find for sale at some of the kennels in America. In fact, some of our dogs were directly imported from Germany--so purchasing a puppy from us saves you a flight to Germany! 

     There are admittedly puppies for sale at large kennels produced by dogs with titles and "championships." But some of these kennels are, in fact, large corporations who maintain many breeding females producing multiple litters every year. The truth is the best puppies those kennels produce will never be offered for sale to the general public. The very best dogs are kept for their own breeding program. The novice may be unaware that paying top dollar for a big name kennel means you have a puppy that they are more than willing to part with.
                       So what is our goal? 

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